How to Order Hydraulic Fittings from China Supplier

How to Order Hydraulic Fittings from China Supplier

According to data, at least 50 hydraulic fittings are used per 100 meters of hydraulic hose. Hydraulic fittings are an integral part of the hydraulic system. Nearly all exporters of hydraulic fittings in China adhere to the Eton Yong Hua standard. Therefore, even if you are not our customer, you can easily find the product number you want to communicate with your suppliers.

Warm-up information

Hydraulic fittings are classified into three parts based on their structure: the head, the tail, and the body.

The head is the interface of the fitting which connects to the machine or can be linked by another adapter for another thread or connection type.

The tail is the nipple that can insert into the hydraulic hose, which is pressurized with a sleeve wrapped around the outside to secure the hydraulic hose’s end.

The body is formed by the overlap of the head and the tail. Many couplings have a 45 or 90-degree bend to accommodate different installation scenarios.

How to use our search form

Hydraulic fitting search form

The tail part, head part, and bending angle in the above table correspond to the parts depicted in the hydraulic fitting picture.
There are four sorts of tail component connections among all hydraulic fittings: swage, interlock, reusable, and socketless, and you can see these four types in the drop-down list of tail type selections.
This is a cascade menu; only when the content of the tail type is changed, the corresponding drop-down list options for the thread type, and so on, will be displayed; then there will be a drop-down list for the connection type to choose from, and finally the bending angle; only when all options are selected, click the query button, the corresponding drop-down list options will be displayed; only when all options are selected, click the query button, the corresponding drop-down When all of the options are selected, click the query button, and the fitting’s code will appear in the results.
It’s important to remember that you must choose all of the options from top to bottom.

Understanding the search result

hydraulic fitting chart
Hydraulic Fitting chart

The search results of the form have one or more lists of products that meet the criteria, and the title of each table is basically as follows

eg. 45 JIC Female 74 Cone Seat
45 represents the bending angle of the body of the fitting
JIC stands for the thread type standard of the head nut
Female represents the connection method of the head, i.e. nut connection
74 cone Seat represents the sealing method of the head

These respective parameters are only one of several options. The general description of the fitting is the thread standard, the connection method, the type of seal in the head part; the insertion type of the tail (not reflected in the title), and the bending angle in the middle.

The code of hydraulic fittings is divided into three parts.

e.g. 26741-04-03SS

The 5-digit hose fitting series code is at the front, followed by a dash symbol, the hose fitting connection size(Head Size), another dash symbol, and finally the hose connection size(Tail Size), sometimes followed by the material code used for fitting ( as shown in the figure).

In the example above:

26741 stands for hose fitting series number;

04 stands for hose fitting connection size;

03 stands for the size of the hose connection

ss stands for the material sign

hydraulic fittings
Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Find your hydraulic fittings

Our fittings search form provides you with a user-friendly search interface to help you find the right product for your needs as quickly as possible, and it’s really convenient.

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