Oxygen and acetylene welding hose

Oxygen & acetylene welding hose is exclusively designed and used to convey oxygen or acetylene connecting the oxygen & acetylene tank and cutting torch. these can bear the constant working pressure of 20 bar, the inner tube is black SBR Rubber, the reinforcement is single or multiple plies of high tensile polyester fiber spiral line. the cover is made of red, blue, green SBR or EPDM rubber.

The temperature range is from -25℃ to +70℃.

The inner diameter range is from 1/4″ to 1/2″.

Oxygen & Acetylene DESCRIPTION:

Inner Rubber: Black SBR Rubber

Reinforcement: High Tensile Polyester Fiber Spiral Line.

Cover: Red, Blue, Green SBR or EPDM Rubber.

Temperature Range: -25℃ to 70℃.

Main Application: Used for Welding Equipment.

Oxygen & Acetylene SPECIFICATION:

Hose TypeI.DO.DW.PB.P
DashInchmmthickness wall mmBarPSIBarPSI