Sand blasting hose

Sand blasting hoses are used to transport highly abrasive materials such as quartz, metal sand, polishing, metal surface rust and spray cement etc. The inner tube is black NR/BR compound synthetic rubber, the reinforcement consists of multiple textile cords. and the outer cover is black weather and abrasion resistant NR/SBR synthetic rubber with wrapped surface.

The temperature range is from -20℃ to +100℃.

The inner diameter range is from 3/4″ to 6″.

Sand Blasting Hose DESCRIPTION:

Inner Rubber: Black NR/BR Compound Synthetic Rubber.

Reinforcement: Multiple textile cords

Cover: Black, Wrapped surface, NR/SBR Rubber, Weather and Abrasion Resistant.

Temperature Range:-20℃ to +100℃

Main Application: Transportation of Quartz, Metal Sand, Polishing, Metal Surface Rust and Spray cement,, Anti-static.

Sand Blasting Hose SPECIFICATION:

Hose TypeI.DLow PresureReinforced
High PressureReinforced